2022 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics, Automation and Intelligent Control(MAIC 2022)
Welcome Prof. Heming Jia Invited as Keynote Speaker of MAIC 2022


Prof. Heming Jia, Sanming University, China



Jia Heming, Ph.D., Professor, master supervisor, leader of electronic information discipline, swarm intelligence optimization technology. Sanming high-level class C talents, director of Fujian artificial intelligence society, member of Fujian artificial intelligence science and education society, member of China computer society, member of China automation society, and assistant editorial board member of Journal of intelligent systems. The first author and corresponding author published more than 60 scientific research papers, of which more than 20 were retrieved by SCI. Presided over 1 general project of Fujian Natural Science Foundation, 3 special fund projects for basic scientific research business expenses of central universities, 1 educational and scientific research project for young and middle-aged teachers in Fujian Province, 2 guiding scientific and technological projects in Sanming City and 4 horizontal projects of enterprises.